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CMMC Certified Assessors (CA)

As a CMMC C3PAO Candidate, ISOP Solutions is looking for Certified Assessors to deliver CMMC assessments, training, and consulting. We have contract positions available for CMMC Certified Assessors to conduct CMMC Assessments and recommend Maturity Level Certifications to our clients.

Successful Woman


As a contracted CMMC Certified Assessor for ISOP Solutions, you will benefit from:  

  • Authorization to represent ISOP and yourself as credentialed to conduct CMMC Assessments 

  • Supervise Certified Professionals in the conduct of CMMC assessments 

  • Listed in the Cyber-AB Marketplace 

  • Valuable credential as an employee with the training to understand the requirements of CMMC for a DoD supplier 

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  • Must be a U.S Person. Green card is acceptable. For ML-2 assessments and above, U.S. Citizenship is required. 

  • Have the Cyber-AB Certified Professional Credential 

  • Complete the training and exam for the CMMC Certified CA-1 Assessor credential 

  • Be able to pass a commercial background check 

  • Experience in a C3PAO is desired/preferred

Taking Notes


Partner responsibilities include: 

  • Certified Assessors (CA) must Associate with a C3PAO like ISOP Solutions. 

  • Completing the CMMC Certified Assessor (CA) process listed at Cyber-AB.

  • As the C3PAO, ISOP Solutions will require the background check be completed prior to scheduling the first assessment. 

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