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ISO 22301:2019

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The Value of ISO 22301:2019

ISO 22301:2019 Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS)

ISO 22301:2019 is intended to help organizations develop and implement a business continuity management system. This framework is designed for protection, preparation, response, and recovery when it comes to disruptions that may arise. These can include natural (or man-made) disasters, security breaches, and other emergencies that disrupt or threaten an organization's ability to conduct business.

The requirements of ISO 22301:2019 can help businesses prepare for emergencies by implementing the following key activities:

  • Developing a business continuity strategy and plan

  • Establishing business continuity procedures

  • Providing context around business processes

  • Gaining support from leadership

  • Planning for disruptions and assessing resource needs

  • Conducting performance evaluations

  • Testing procedures and finding areas for improvement

An established business continuity plan will ultimately help companies:

  • Identify and manage threats to the business

  • Keep critical functions operational during an emergency

  • Minimize downtime and improve recovery time

As with all ISO standards, any organization can achieve ISO 22301:2019 certification regardless of their sector or size.  

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ISO 22301 Certification Audits for Business Continuity Management Systems

Achieving and maintaining certification involves initial, internal, and ongoing audits to ensure compliance. ISOP assists companies in this process, working exclusively with accredited auditors and certification bodies, and offers tools like an online platform and an Audit-Only service. This comprehensive support helps businesses meet ISO 22301 requirements and achieve worry-free certification.

ISO 22301 Certification Overview - Business Continuity Management Systems

Without a business continuity plan, companies risk failure following major incidents. The standard helps businesses develop strategies, assess resources, evaluate performance, and test procedures for emergencies. ISO 22301 certification can enhance business resilience and meet legal and client obligations. ISOP supports organizations through the certification process for smooth, worry-free compliance.

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ISO 22301 Certification Process for Business Continuity Management Systems

The certification process involves a Gap Analysis, creating necessary documents, educating staff, and undergoing audits. ISOP simplifies these steps, offering guidance, an online platform for document storage, a learning management system for staff education, and access to experienced auditors for a worry-free ISO certification journey.

ISO 22301 Controls for Business Continuity Management Systems

The standard encompasses ten clausal areas addressing the establishment, implementation, and continual improvement of the system. These include understanding the organization, defining leadership roles, establishing objectives, managing competence and communication, defining continuity needs, and monitoring performance. ISOP provides comprehensive support for seamless ISO certification.

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