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CMMC Update 11/9/2020

ISOP RPO and RP Update:

ISOP has received an email that we are now registered as a Registered Provider Organization (RPO). However, the CMMC-AB Marketplace has no links to list RPOs. The Marketplace links are coming. If you wish a copy of the email, please contact us.

ISOP has been informed of the final 3 approval steps for our Registered Practitioners (RP):

  1. CMMC-AB to the Perform Background Check.

This is honestly the major hold up. The CMMC-AB is doing everything it can to get this completed as soon as possible.

  1. CMMC-AB to issue the Registered Practitioner Agreement (RPA).

This is a new step that was not in the original CMMC-AB plan.

  1. CMMC-AB to issue badges and the final approval to market implementations and artifact reviews through RPOs.

RPs will then be able to use the badge to prove their status as an RP.

DoD CUI Mandatory Training Update:

DoD Mandatory Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Training.

This course is mandatory training for all of DoD and Industry personnel with access to controlled unclassified information (CUI). The course provides information on the eleven training requirements for accessing, marking, safeguarding, decontrolling and destroying CUI along with the procedures for identifying and reporting security incidents.

CMMC-AB Assessor updates:

Training for Certified Practitioners and Certified Assessors is delayed to early 2021.

The CMMC-AB continues to work with DoD and other stakeholders on the CMMC Assessment Guide which, when published by DoD, will be the basis for all formal training and assessments.


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