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Annual and Internal Audits for ISO for Certification

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

ISOP can help facilitate all the necessary audits for you to attain your certification for a given ISO standard. Your certification begins with an initial certification audit. It consists of a Stage 1 audit that is a review to ensure you have everything you need for your Stage 2 audit. The Stage 2 audit is when the credentialed third-party Lead Auditor audits you against the ISO standards for which you’re seeking certification.

You'll receive your accredited certificate from an accredited certification body once you’ve passed the initial certification audit. ISOP only facilitates certification using credentialed Lead Auditors and accredited certification bodies.

iso certification audit

From there, you’ll undergo a series of internal audits, as well as annual, surveillance and re-certification audits throughout the 36-month certification lifecycle. The initial certification and re-certification audits include a Stage 1 review audit and Stage 2 third party certification audit.

Your internal audits happen in between your annual certification audits and provide an update of where you’re at with conforming to ISO standards. A best practice is to have two internal audits annually.

Internal audits are a way to check if you’re keeping up with ISO standard requirements and if not, what you need to do to get back on course and be ready for the next accredited audit. ISOP can help manage and keep track of all of these necessary audits, including reminders, timelines, needs and more.

iso certification checklist

ISOP can also facilitate all needed internal and certification audits for companies that are already certified. Our ISOP Audit-Only option is designed for businesses with certifications that do not utilize our online platform but want access to ISOP’s auditors and third-party accredited audits.

If you’re in need of help with your ISO standard audits, contact us today.


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