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AS9120B audit

The Value of AS9120B

AS9120B Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Distributors

What is AS9120B?

AS9120B is an international standard that is derived from AS9100D, includes ISO 9001:2015, and is used to improve the quality, cost, and delivery performance of those organizations that resell, distribute, and warehouse parts for the aviation, space, and defense industry.  


It is prepared by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) which includes representatives from the aviation, space, and defense industry from the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific.  The standard addresses (but not limited to): 

  • The risks associated with the provision of products and/or services. 

  • Counterfeit parts detection and prevention. 

  • Traceability of products, from delivery to receipt. 

  • Foreign object prevention and detection 


The requirements in this standard are complimentary (not an alternative) to customer/applicable statutory or regulatory requirements. In cases of conflict, the customer/applicable statutory or regulatory requirements will take priority.


Certifications are issued by third party certifying bodies and to maintain AS9120B certification, an organization will be subjected to annual or regularly scheduled audits where the organization's compliance with the standard is evaluated by the certifying body. 

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