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From Vincent Scott: Observations from a CMMC Protest paper: A plain English translation

Updated: Mar 3

Highlights from the article:

  • This article is a review of the paper posted by Bob Metzger’s law firm, New DOD Cyber Rules Create Fertile Bid Protest Grounds, By Lucas Hanback and Jeffery Chiow.

  • There are substantive issues in it, not just trying to avoid doing Cyber

  • Training of KO’s (Government Contracting Officers, abbreviated by some as KO because the only real CO is a Commanding Officer) is key. They are already (in my direct experience) misapplying the rules in some cases. Please be as determined to train the DoD workforce as to get the contractors moving.

  • KO’s and PM’s understanding CUI, marking CUI, and understanding how and what information they want protected in their programs is critical. That lack of knowledge (currently) lays fertile grounds for protests, AND it also undermines the real rewards from CMMC that the department is looking for.


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