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Start Your Certification Process for ISO with a Gap Analysis

The first step to becoming certified to ISO is to find out what you currently have and what you’re missing to be certified. This is determined in a Gap Analysis. As the name implies, it’s an analysis that determines what you already have in place against the requirements of a given ISO standard and what gaps you need to fill.

The Gap Analysis not only shows the missing areas needed for you to become certified to ISO, but also shows what is not applicable to you. It's important to stay focused on only what needs attention, without wasting time or money on things that are not applicable to you.

ISOP conducts a Gap Analysis in a live video conference meeting with Lead Auditors, providing guidance on each area discussed.

  • This guidance is crucial because it helps determine whether any area is truly missing, satisfied, or not applicable.

  • This ensures the analysis is done correctly and the scope of the audit is correctly determined.

  • The Gap Analysis is also a low-cost introduction to see what it’s like to work with ISOP.

The Gap Analysis also lets ISOP determine your ability to create the missing items, as some clients require more guidance than others. But it’s also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about ISO and what you need to do to get certified. You’ll learn if you’re ready for your audits and the education requirements needed for certification.

The results of the Gap Analysis will help us develop your guidance and education plan that has specific timelines and fixed costs. Final pricing is determined based on the results of the Gap Analysis. There is a price range for getting certified to ISO, which increases based on the needs of your company. We start on the lowest side of that price range and work our way up based on the gaps identified in the Gap Analysis.

Our goal is to supply you with only what you need and not with the things you don’t. The Gap Analysis will also help identify which of ISOP’s services is best for you based on what you are missing. But there is no commitment to continue with us and the knowledge you get from the Gap Analysis is yours to keep.

If you're interested in certification and would like to conduct a Gap Analysis to see where you stand, contact us today!


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