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Benefits of ISOP's Platform Service Options

When you partner with ISOP for your ISO certifications, you can get access to our ISOP platform that is the central command for the entire process – before, during and after. Our platform is cloud-based, NIST 800-171 compliant, GDPR compliant, and ISO IEC 27001 certified. It offers our clients the ability to create, upload, store, and update all documents needed for the ISO standards we offer.

The platform comes with four different service options: Express, Premier, Online, and Audit-Only.

  1. ISOP Express is designed for businesses that prefer to pay as they go and only for the services they deem necessary. You choose what you need, with our guidance, and only pay for those options.

  2. ISOP Premier is designed for businesses that want ISO implementation, cash flow assistance, unlimited ISO audit support and a Learning Management System to continually educate their employees all at a fixed fee. This is the complete option and ideal for those that want comprehensive support.

  3. Our ISOP Online option is designed for businesses who already have ISO certifications but want an online platform to manage their ISO process all for a fixed fee. It can include cash flow assistance, unlimited ISO audit support and access to our Learning Management System, again, to continually educate their employees.

  4. Our ISOP Audit-Only option is designed for businesses with ISO certifications that do not utilize our online platform but want access to ISOP’s auditors and 3rd-party accredited audits.

Both the ISOP Express and Premier include a guidance and education process. This means ISOP assesses the existing company’s processes then helps create, deliver, and train those companies on how to use their ISO manuals. The last step is having a 3rd-party accredited certification audit performed.

ISOP also has a Learning Management System that can be added to any platform to help satisfy ISO education requirements, continually train staff on ISO processes, and get new hires up to speed on ISO quickly.

If you’re in need of help with ISO, contact us today so you can learn more about what it’s like to work with us and how we can be the right partner for you.


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