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From Federal News Network: CMMC update - Pilots, 3PAOs and more of what vendors need to know

Highlights from the article:

  • About a year ago, the Pentagon warned against third-party vendors who said they could get Defense industrial base contractors ready and possibly approved under CMMC. They were making that claim before DoD even finalized the standards. As DoD gets closer to testing the standards this spring, fraudsters are once again trying to take advantage of unsuspecting companies.

  • Do your homework to make sure the assessors and third party assessment organizations are CMMC-AB certified. Currently there are 100 assessors that have received provisional approval from the AB and 73 approved third-party assessment organizations (3PAOs).

  • For the DLA pathfinder, DoD said it will use real CMMC assessors to continue testing out the CMMC approach.

  • The CMMC-AB and DoD expect to release the scoping documents for 3PAO assessments in the coming weeks.

  • Reciprocity has been one of those big issues industry has called for since DoD launched CMMC. It’s good to know the Pentagon and GSA are taking this seriously. The sooner the reciprocity specifics are finalized, the better for all involved.


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