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From Trump Orders U.S. Cloud Providers to Log Foreign Users

Updated: Mar 3

Article by Mariam Baksh and Heather Kuldell.

Highlights from the article:

The executive order authorizes the Commerce secretary to prohibit some of the largest tech companies—including infrastructure as a service, or IaaS, providers like Amazon, Google and Microsoft—from doing business with certain foreign entities and to collect detailed records to verify the identity of all foreign persons using their services.

That proposal would “set forth the minimum standards that United States IaaS providers must adopt to verify the identity of a foreign person in connection with the opening of an Account or the maintenance of an existing Account,” the order states.

Prohibitions on cloud service providers’ foreign customers could be based on the secretary finding, among other things, “that reasonable grounds exist for concluding that a foreign jurisdiction has any significant number of foreign persons offering United States IaaS products that are used for malicious cyber-enabled activities or any significant number of foreign persons directly obtaining United States IaaS products for use in malicious cyber-enabled activities.”


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